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Motorized Window Shades

Product Description
The BEI Motorized Window Shade is designed for controlling ambient light via a retractable solar control fabric. This product can be surface mounted on the window frame or recess mounted above the ceiling. Note: Due to the numerous installation scenarios, it is recommended that BEI Motorized Window Shades be professionally installed.

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Features & Benefits

  • Choice of sun-screen or black-out solar control fabric.
  • Solar control fabric is fire retardant.
  • Surface mounted, extruded aluminum enclosure has a removable front cover.
  • Recess mounted, extruded aluminum enclosure has a removable bottom closure and is suitable for air plenum installation.
  • Optional side and bottom light sealing elements for full black-out light control.
  • Housings have a white polyester finish.
  • Light weight & easy to install.
  • UL listed motor-in-roller.
  • Control options include line voltage switching or low voltage control via wall switch, contact closure, RS232, IR remote or RF remote.

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