Electric Glass

Highlighted Features

  • High quality, customized laminations, 10 yrs experience
  • Designed to provide privacy with a flip of a switch
  • On Mode - Transparent; Off Mode - Translucent
  • Operating Voltage: 110 - 220VAC
  • Response time: Less than 1 second
  • Transmittance: On - approx 75%; Off - 4%
  • Haze: On - approx 2%; Off - 80%
  • UV Blocking: 98%
  • Known for highest optical clarity available and highest level of service

Successful Durability Testing Performed Includes

  • Switching: On/Off 3 million times at 220VAC
  • Temperature: 70 C for 14 days and -20 C for 14 days

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Basic Use
Electric Glass is a high-tech solution for privacy and display installations. At the flip of a switch, the electric glass will amazingly go from a transparent state to a pleasant frosted white translucent state. Ideal for conference rooms, home offices, spas, hospitals, entertainment venues, and any situation where privacy is not needed or desired at all times. It also acts as an outstanding projection screen for storefronts and the entertainment industries.

Every lamination is customized using the high quality materials ideal for each application. Examples of material options include: clear annealed or tempered glasses; Low E, reflective, Low Iron and other high performance glasses; tinting; use of polycarbonates and acrylics; polished edges; various thickness options; holes, notches sandblasting, laser etching, and other fabrication possibilities; insulated glass configurations (IGU's); customized shapes and more. The basic configuration is:
Electric Glass layer diagram
The standard width offering is up to 38 5/8", with a height of 96". However, we regularly produce larger laminates, sometimes with multiple pieces of privacy films within the laminate. In these cases, the electrified switchable inner layer is separated for reliability by a 1/16" gap between the two pieces of film. This area can be either left clear at all times, or covered by a sand blasted finish. Our machinery has the capabilities to produce laminates up to 72" X 118", although weight and cost considerations must be considered.

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